Thursday, October 13, 2011

Time For a Vacation Home? I'm Your Guy

If you’re considering a second home purchase, where do you start?Consider your personal tastes, interests, and hobbies when you’re choosing a second home. For example, if you’re the type of person who thinks anything over a two-hour ride is long, you’ll have a fairly small geographic area in which to conduct your search.  If you plan to use your second home for a couple of vacations every year and long holiday weekends, then you can extend your search to a larger radius. Many second homeowners purchase properties in their favorite vacation spots because they already enjoy the area and want to spend more time there.


Prices can vary greatly. Up and coming communities are less expensive than established vacation hotspots which have seen explosive appreciation. Prices in these popular areas range from a home on the beach worth $1 million to the same-sized home a mile down the road worth half that price. Check current mortgage rates to get an idea of what your monthly payment might be. Don’t shy from jumping in the car and spending weekends looking for different vacation homes.


Is your dream vacation home near the lake or on the lake? Do you want to water ski on that lake? Or do you seek a quieter spot to kayak or fish? Or is the lake in the mountains so you can combine winter and summer sports? Is it in an area that is a plane ride away, but one in which you hope to retire? This part of the process will take some time, but you can easily find the prices of second homes in your desired area without leaving your computer.



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