Friday, October 14, 2011

About the Pocono Mountains!

Before you call for information on your perfect Pocono Mountain home, i will take you through a little Pocono Mountain guide and tell you a little bit about the Poconos! The Pocono Mountains is not only the best vacation for nature lovers and sight seeing, it is a perfect place to live, grow up, and raise a family. The clean Pocono Mountain air aides for a quiet lifestyle and a wholesome appreciation for life. Stop your go go go and comes to the Poconos and take it slow!


The Pocono Mountains are chiefly located in Monroe and Pike countries, but also are located in parts of Wayne and Carbon countries. The Pocono Mountains are an upland of the larger Allegheny Plateau. The Wooded hills and valleys have long been a vacation area, with many communities having resort hotels fishing,hunting,skiing, and other sport facility.


The Poconos is and has been Pennsylvania's most popular tourist destination.It is also known for it's brilliant color during the fall season. The Poconos contains 80 percent of the state's resorts. These resorts earn 1.5 billion dollars in gross revenues and emply 18,000 workers.  Resorts include Jack Frost Ski Mountain, Big Boulder, Split Rock, and many more. Remember, I am your Pocono Mountain Guide to walk you through the steps of purchasing your perfect Pocono Mountain get away or home to settle down into. 



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