Friday, February 4, 2011

*Big Bass Lake is a Private, Gated Lake Community in the Gouldsboro Area of The Pocono Mountains. With Their Own Ski Hill and Lakes and Multiple Beaches Along With a Working Clubhouse This Community Also Boasts Indoor and Outdoor Swimming Pools For Year Round Enjoyment. Located about 30-35 Minutes From Camelback Ski Resort This Community is Sure To Please All Families!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I took this picture just after I got done walking our Big Dog Bumbles this morning. Bumbles loves jumping through and eating the snow while I enjoy the Absolute Peace and Quiet. The one good thing about everyones fear of snow here in the Pocono Mountains is that more and more drivers stay off the road. Rest assured if you go for a walk in the community where I live, Arrowhead Lakes, on a snowy morning, you will experience absolute peace and quiet. It is the most amazingly mind clearing activity. I even kept my snow blower in the garage this year so I can shovel by hand, all the while enjoying the stillness in this wonderful Pocono Lake Community.

It reminds me why we see so many winter renters just looking for that Zen like experience! Winter in the Poconos, complete with hefty amounts of the white fluffy stuff, our wonderful Pocono Rental Homes with blazing and roaring fireplaces inside offers the Endless Opportunities of Mind Clearing Peace and Absolute Stillness with Nature outside. Join the thousands every year who flock to the Poconos to Get Their Zen On! Book Your Zen Like Experience HERE!