Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pocono Lake's Big Two - Arrowhead & Locust

Well, as I am sitting here writing this (and in between answering phones from customers, clients and other realtors) I am reminded of what is to come very soon as the nice weather moves into the area, Pocono Mountain Home Shoppers of course!! It is clear NOW that the lowest mortgage interest rates ever and the assumption that the market is at the bottom and stabilizing has created a sense of urgency among those buyers sitting on the fence for a while. As they experts are saying, if you sit around and wait for the bott0m there is a good chance you will miss it altogether.

Pocono Lake, PA is a tiny little town sandwiched between Blakeslee and Pocono Pines. You could literally drive clear through this town in about 1 - 2 minutes. The town is rustic anbd woodsy and is made up of primarily two large lake communities, Arrowhead Lakes and Locust Lake Village. Lakes, Beaches, Swimming Pools, Tennis Courts and more await homeowners in these two 4 season communities and folks are getting that itch for summer fun. Here at Pocono Mountain Lakes Realty we specialize in these Big Two Pocono Lake Communities and can offer the consumer expert advice and guidance from finding the perfect home, negotiating the best terms for them, making sure that they are fully protected with regard to getting a 'Home Inspection' and all the way through to the close of their new home! We have a team of professional service providers that are equal if not better than the best in the industry! Homeowners Insurers, Mortgage Lenders, Title Insurers and more can be found right along side of our team of experienced Pocono Mountain Real Estate Professionals. Give us a call today and we'll help you find that perfect Pocono Home!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Fishermen - Start your Engines!

As the Pocono Mountain fisherman await the new Trout Season in April, one can't start dreaming of those long summer days in the boat with nothing but your rod and a cooler. With March winding down now the thoughts are gearing more and more to summer time activities and first on the list is The Opening Day of Trout Season! If your keeping tabs it is April 18th for the majority of the state. Some counties however will be granted an 'early start'. Only two streams here in the Pokies are included in the early start and they are in Carbon County, Lizard Creek and The Mahoning Creek to be exact. The rest of us will patiently await the official start with anxious hearts.
By the end of the month of April ALL fisherman will be in full swing and the lakes will abound in the early morning hours with the serious fishermen setting out on their excursions of exploration for that special catch. I know that is the case in Arrowhead Lakes. It's just such a fun addiction to venture out wondering if this will be the day for that magical catch or if that Fat Pickerel will just bite your line off and laugh at you!

You know I will always bring it back to real estate here in this blog so if anyone might be interested in a quiet Pocono Mountain Getaway please feel free to call or email me as all of my contact information is available in the link while you are Searching ALL of the Available Homes for Sale in Arrowhead Lakes!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Rare Find - Lakefront Home in 4 Season Pocono Community For Sale

For those up here on the mountain it is no secret that the different lake communities up here have their own sort of 'cult following'. Whether it is Arrowhead Lakes, Locust Lake Village, Towamensing Trails, Brier Crest Woods, Lake Naomi, Lake Harmony or any of the other wonderful and popular Pocono 'Lake Communities' here up on the mountain one thing is for sure, Lakefronts for sale are Rare and Special.
This Blog is going to feature one such home. It is located in Locust Lake Village and is situated right on their beautiful 60 Acre Pines Lake. After hearing about the economy day in and day out for the last couple of years now it is refreshing to see that the Poconos and their prestigious Lakefront Properties have not been affected much!
This particular feature home has 5 bedrooms and is the perfect setup for the big family looking for that special lakefront getaway!
Click this link for Full Details as well as Full Photos!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Finally, An Affordable Lakefront in Arrowhead Lakes

Oh Folks, you have waited patiently for that 'deal' on the lake at Arrowhead! They are so few and far in between anymore that someone better move on this one FAST! How does Lakefront Home with 3 bedroom and 2 bathrooms on the Big Lake at Arrowhead sound???How about if I tell you it is now on the market for a mere $240,000. Now let's not assume this is a Brand New Home. It is NOT! It is however a well taken and well loved home with circ 1970's appliances and bath fixtures in such good condition that you can start your own museum! It will need some updating but once you're done you are still sitting pretty on the Lake! The main thing is that the low price opens the door for more buyers who can afford it and over time , one project after another you eventually have a home worth well over 400k and quite possibly a better selection for someone in the market for a lakefront than a Brand New one!! Why???? Because the new home has a New Tax Bill. The older home has an Older Tax Bill!! Enough said huh!!
Click Here For Full Details About This Wonderfully Cared for Home!

You Don't Have to Be a Computer Graphic Whiz - You Just Need To Know One

You Don't Have to be a Computer Graphic Whiz - You Just Need to Know One
As a self employed person who has a large number of competitors, it is important to develop and maintain a very ethical and cutting edge image of yourself and/or your company. Ethics is first and foremost the most important characteristic because people do business with people they trust. You build that on a one to one basis over time helping one person or family at a time to achieve that which they sought you out for. Cutting edge imagery is what people who don't know you think about you based on the advertising you do and your company's name recognition in thier field. For the most part today this is done via the internet. Graphic designs can take a little known person or company and give them instant credibility or instant 'name recognition'.

The photos above are just an example of my personal inventory of images that portray a professional quality image for our company. We are not computer software experts in graphic design at all but we have the best kept secret in the business as one of our close friends now. The best part for anyone reading this blog is that I am now going to share this extraordinarily talented graphic design person with all of you. Remember the samples above are just that, samples of her work. You can check out her complete inventory of designs by adding her as an associate right here on Active Rain. This will allow you access to all of her channels on the web and 'free glances' of her work. Click to see her Active Rain Site!

Remember to tell her that Rick from Pocono Mountain Lakes Realty sent you!!!

Awesome New Pocono Home Backing to Gamelands