Saturday, March 21, 2009

You Don't Have to Be a Computer Graphic Whiz - You Just Need To Know One

You Don't Have to be a Computer Graphic Whiz - You Just Need to Know One
As a self employed person who has a large number of competitors, it is important to develop and maintain a very ethical and cutting edge image of yourself and/or your company. Ethics is first and foremost the most important characteristic because people do business with people they trust. You build that on a one to one basis over time helping one person or family at a time to achieve that which they sought you out for. Cutting edge imagery is what people who don't know you think about you based on the advertising you do and your company's name recognition in thier field. For the most part today this is done via the internet. Graphic designs can take a little known person or company and give them instant credibility or instant 'name recognition'.

The photos above are just an example of my personal inventory of images that portray a professional quality image for our company. We are not computer software experts in graphic design at all but we have the best kept secret in the business as one of our close friends now. The best part for anyone reading this blog is that I am now going to share this extraordinarily talented graphic design person with all of you. Remember the samples above are just that, samples of her work. You can check out her complete inventory of designs by adding her as an associate right here on Active Rain. This will allow you access to all of her channels on the web and 'free glances' of her work. Click to see her Active Rain Site!

Remember to tell her that Rick from Pocono Mountain Lakes Realty sent you!!!

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