Saturday, March 21, 2009

Finally, An Affordable Lakefront in Arrowhead Lakes

Oh Folks, you have waited patiently for that 'deal' on the lake at Arrowhead! They are so few and far in between anymore that someone better move on this one FAST! How does Lakefront Home with 3 bedroom and 2 bathrooms on the Big Lake at Arrowhead sound???How about if I tell you it is now on the market for a mere $240,000. Now let's not assume this is a Brand New Home. It is NOT! It is however a well taken and well loved home with circ 1970's appliances and bath fixtures in such good condition that you can start your own museum! It will need some updating but once you're done you are still sitting pretty on the Lake! The main thing is that the low price opens the door for more buyers who can afford it and over time , one project after another you eventually have a home worth well over 400k and quite possibly a better selection for someone in the market for a lakefront than a Brand New one!! Why???? Because the new home has a New Tax Bill. The older home has an Older Tax Bill!! Enough said huh!!
Click Here For Full Details About This Wonderfully Cared for Home!

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