Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Haunted Deadly Experiments in the Pocono Mountains!

Since the opening of the Candle Shoppe of the Poconos in Swiftwater, PA, strange events seemed to be occuring that could not be explained. After researching the history of the property, it was learned that the building's basement housed a laboratory, where experiments on various animals, particuarly monkeys, were conducted around the turn of the century.


The Candle Shoppe's owner then contacted the Pennsylvania Paranormal Association to investigate the strange happenings. Their findings sparked the interest of the producers of Discovery's Animal Planet show " The Haunted". The show's crew filmed for four days in the Candle Shoppe as investigators examined the basement and a psychic came to try to release the monkey ghosts. Come and see for yourselve's!


Ricks Mountain Homes will find you your perfect Pocono Mountain Dream Home to stay in during this time of Pocono Mountain Halloween Festivities. Many homes available near the Deadly Experiments Shoppe that I would be more then happy to share with you. The Candle Shoppe is located in Swiftwater PA. Here are some Pocono Mountain  Communities closest to the Haunted shoppe of animal experiments.


Emerald Lakes Community

Lake Naomi Community

Ski Home Resorts preferable Camelback Mountain Resort.



Whether you're a skeptic or a true paranormal enthusiast, you'll be amazed at the bone- chilling thrill that you'll get from the Candle Shoppe Basement of Monkey Experiments. You'll learn the interesting true history of the building and see the actual laboratory equipment used in many of Dr. Fisher's experiments. Maybe you'll have a paranormal experience of your own! This thrill is yours to keep in the Pocono Mountains. Halloween Festivities in the Pocono Mountains will have you holding onto your seat, and keep you scared right out of your boots!








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