Thursday, October 20, 2011

Winter Wonderland in the Pocono Mountains!

Winter time in the Pocono Mountains is prime time for the Pocono Residents. Many people from all over the country storm into the Pocono Mountains in time for winter and all that it has to offer. When the snow falls in the Poconos, it doesn't stop until Spring time! Pocono Mountains is known for its winter time season. Mostly, because of the many fun things to do, also the scenic roads and routes that go right through the Mountain which hold many never ending mountain views, landscapes, and landmarks. The perfect Pocono winter time scene has a place in every person's heart who simply adores the mountains, snow, and a cozy night around the fireplace as the snow gently falls down from the white sky onto the magnificient mountain grounds.


The things that the Pocono Mountain Winter time Season has to offer seem to be endless. Snowmobiles flood through the Pocono roads and communities all winter long. The snow falls and never leaves. There are many shops in every local Pocono Mountain Town that you can find your items to gear up for a fun filled Pocono Winter time Experience. There are snow mobile shops, ski shops, snowboard shops, and much more. Most Pocono Mountain Communities have many lakes that freeze over and are perfect for iceskating! Brings your skates, and maybe gear up for a hockey game on the ice lakes in your Pocono Mountain Community. White Christmas is not rare in the Pocono Mountains, and neither is a White New Years! Winter is not here yet, but the sooner you get on the ball with finding your spot in the Poconos, the more likely you are to find your Perfect Pocono Mountain Dream Home!


Pocono Mountain Ski Resorts in the Poconos.

Jack Frost Ski Mountain

CamelBack Mountain

Big Boulder Mountain




Some Favorite Pocono Mountain Communities that seem to be fill every house during the Winter Season Include- Arrowhead Lakes, Locust Lake Village, Big Bass Lake, Brier Crest Woods, Lake Naomi, and many many more! Whether its a community or not, the mountain is over taken by the true Winter Time Spirit!

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