Thursday, May 31, 2012

Infect Scranton! Zombie Fanatics in the Northeast!

For all the zombie fanatics, zombie movie fans, or the ones who plan on surviving the coming zombie apocalypse, Scranton Pa is where you all need to be for this blood thirsty event taking over the Northeast this September! An event full of zombies, make - up, zombie movie stars, and many more. Infect Scranton is a themed fan-focused zombiecon like nothing you've ever seen before in the world of zombies and walking corpses. Get your tickets to the place to be after the a zombie plague has broken out. SC 232 Survivor Camp is located in suburb of the city of Scranton in Northeastern Pennsylvania. This zombie stake out will be under the guidance of US Military Civilian Defense. This zombie hideout is a convention that will surely include everything to fullfill the needs of all the zombie fanatics. Experience life inside a survivor camp, and browse through the vendors in the surplus supply room! Experience the talents of seeking refuge from the day the zombies walk the Earth, and view incredible original short zombie films throughout the day during the Zombie film festival. Have the opportunity to partake in many discussions on the original outbreak of infection with celebrity guests from hits including "Night of the Living Dead" , "The Walking Dead" , and zombie experts such as Matt Mogk who is the author of "The Zombie Survival Guide"! Take in a screening of the Cult Zombie Classic "Night of the Living Dead" while zombies attempt to break into the camp, and eat your brains! Enjoy the global zombie culture as fans flock to Northeastern Pennsylvania for a time where the dead walk the Earth! Fun times, Great movies, Celebrity guests, and an event full of survival!






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