Thursday, May 24, 2012

Honor in the Poconos!

Memorial Day is a Holiday celebrated every year on the last Monday of May to show thanks and gratitude for the fallen American Heroes. It is a day of remembering the men and women who have died while serving in The United States Armed Forces. It is traditionally the day that kicks off Summer in America with Labor Day being the end. There is no better way to get your Summer started then giving thanks to those who make this country what it is more then anybody. The Poconos celebrates this American Holiday no different from anyone else. Enjoy Fireworks, Family Gatherings, Shopping, BBQs, Picnics, and Relaxing on a Beautiful Beach on a Pocono Lake. Memorial Day began as a weekend of remembering the fallen soldiers of The Civil War, but as of the late 20th century it has shaped into a weekend of remembering all of the fallen soldiers from all of the wars fought for our freedoms. This weekend isn't like other weekends. If you know someone in the Armed Forces, Overseas, or a Retired Vet, make sure you tell them thank you. That little bit of gratitude may mean the world to someone who has fought for the very freedoms you live by in your everyday life. Honor the ones put their own lives at risk for the country they love, we love, and the country that gives freedom like no other country on Earth. Of course honoring the men and women in the Armed Forces is something we should always do. However, this is a special weekend for the Heroes of America. Hold the door open at the grocery store for a disabled vet, bake some cookies for the vet next door, and simply make them feel right at home. Do all you can do to thank them because they be all they can be to protect you, your families, your country, and your liberties.








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