Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Well Folks it is now officially RACEWEEK here in the Poconos. The crew semi's started rolling into town late Sunday night and campers can be found everywhere that there is a parking lot. If you want to be a part of the circus just jump onto Rte 115 and head south from Blakeslee. As soon as you cross over I-80 you will see the vendors set up on both sides of the road clear on down to the Race Track. Here you can purchase the from the most common to the most exclusive of Nascar Memorabilia. I'm still working on them to get more Greg Biffle Gear though. If it is Earnhardt, Stewart, Gordon, Johnson etc... the memorabilia and assortment of gifts are plenty!
For those of you who have never seen a race at Pocono you should know two things. First it is probably the worst track on the Nascar Circuit to watch the race because of the high banks and the overall enormousness of the track itself. On the positive side the Mattioli's (Owners of Pocono Raceway) put on a First Class Performance as hosts. All along Long Pond Road buses transport racefans from the parking lot to the Grandstand free of charge so after a good morning of some serious tailgating you just mosey through the woods and out onto Long Pond Road and hop on any bus. Parking is FREE as well and that is rare for any sort of major event in todays world!
My suggestion to you is get out there and suck up all the excitement these races bring to the Poconos! Be a part of the Nascar Phenomenon in Pocono.

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