Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stop The Cheaters in Arrowhead Lakes

Anyone who has gone through the building process in Arrowhead Lakes knows the rules that need to be followed. Before ever purchasing their land in Arrowhead the prospective buyer hopefully had themselves good Realtor Representation and had a wetland study done prior to their purchase. The Wetland Study is a "Gold Ticket" to build in this wonderfully maintained Pristine Lake Community. Those who have made the wise decision to hire experts in their fields to represent them in the purchase of their land in Arrowhead and secure that they followed ALL Proper Procedures should not be simply 'walked all over' by the people who went to an auction and took it upon themselves to make a purchase of a piece of land that is predominantly All Wetlands. As if that wasn't bad enough their claim of ignorance when they started building WITHOUT a Proper Wetland Study and the job was shut down because of this has them now pleading their case to The Army Corp of Engineers.
This land owner has been so upset by the fact that he has been stopped in his efforts to build on his wetland infested lot that he religiously drives around the lake making calls to The Army Corp of Engineers turning in anyone who is building on the lake. His efforts are pure childish in that he is flat out slowing down the Dreams of other more honest and law abiding land owners who have followed all of the rules and obtained all of the proper paperwork to begin the Building of Their Dream Home the Right Way!
If this sort of childish behavior from people who are just looking to cut corners that so many other hardworking and law abiding land owners had to pain stakingly puddle through bothers you then I encourage you ALL to contact the Army Corp of Engineers at :

Who to Contact
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Philadelphia DistrictThe Wanamaker Building100 Penn Square EastPhiladelphia, PA 19107-3390Questions/Comments Public AffairsContact: Ed Voigt Phone: (215) 656-6515 FAX: (215) 656-6820
orContact: Susan AndersonPhone: (215) 656-6595

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