Thursday, May 21, 2009

Central Sewer Hookups Coming to a Screaming Halt in Arrowhead Lakes

In case anyone hasn't heard Arrowhead Lakes Community, after being instructed by the Department of Environmental Protection, has issued a halt on all central sewer hookups in the community until permitting from previous sewer hookups and the running of the main sewer lines have come into proper compliance.
Apparently all the ducks were not in order when this whole sewer project got started some 7 -8 years ago. This will not affect anyone who already has permitting in place to build but no future permits will be given to build with connection to central sewer until further notice. After speaking to interim general manager, Charlie Hozempa, he felt that given what is involved with the entire process it will probably a good year before anyone can start to hook up once again. As the community moves as quickly as possible to remedy this situation it cannot control the speed and cooperation of the engineers involved and of course the various governmental bodies of the different townships involved (Coolbaugh and Tobyhanna) not to mention any environmental agencies. These variables will no doubt take up the most time!
Who does this affect???? Well I will start by telling you who it doesn't affect. It doesn't affect anyone in the finished sewer sections which are sections 14 and up. For those lot owners in sections 1 - 13, I would take this time to invest in a 'wetland study' if you ever have any intention of either building on your lot or selling it. Just because there is sewer available or your lot falls within a finished sewer section, this doesn't mean that your lot is 'buildable'. A wetland study is required to build in this community and if you have any questions about this issue please feel free to use my contact information on the right and I will be happy to help you out. If a wetland study indicates the presence of wetlands on the property you might want to consider having the property surveyed and also the wetlands surveyed. This of course depends on how much wetlands your lot has. If it is a trivial amount that falls outside the setbacks of your building box then there is no reason to do anymore work but if there is substantial wetlands then it would be to your benefit to get both the parcel and the wetlands surveyed to see if you have a building box and if so, how much of a building box. This information can be the determining factor of whether or not you have a 'marketable' piece of property!
This will directly affect a few of my clients as they have waterfront property. One client was waiting for the sewer to come around the bend which should have happened this year and my other client had a land and home package set up but didn't get to the permitting stage yet so that will more than likely be shelved for another year as well.
If anyone has any questions on wetlands and whether or not your property has them please feel free to call me or email me and I will help steer you to the right people.

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