Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Pocono "Lake Community" Website - For The People

After a subtle celebration by a select few with the creation of our latest company website which was set up to attract and help buyers make more informed decisions of which part of the Poconos they would like to maintain their second home in. There are literally hundreds of 'lake communities' in the Pocono Mountains and much of the beginning stages of purchasing a second home is spent trying to find out what the buyer is looking for in a 'vacation spot'.
Our new site, http://www.poconocommunitysite.com, is an ever-going work in progress as more and more information is gathered about the different communities it will be posted to the appropriate page. For the consumer, they can literally click onto a page of a community they might want information on and gather the information, possibly look at a few pictures and most importantly they can click a link on the community page and be able to view ALL of the current MLS listings for that particular "Lake Community". No more clicking onto the town or clicking a community or breaking down the search in any other obscure parameter but the simplest!
Are you interested in Arrowhead Lakes Community. How about Towamensing Trails? Maybe Lake Naomi or even Lake Harmony is where your interest lies. Who knows, maybe you are a ski bum or a winter sport person. You might want the low down on Camelback Ski Homes or Jack Frost Condos or even Big Boulder Ski Homes. Whatever your desire we make it easier for you to gather some information and view all current listings in each in particular area or community. The site even has a search already broken down to show ALL AVAILABLE LAKEFRONT HOMES and ALL GAMELAND BORDERING PROPERTIES!
After 15 months as a Real Estate Company we are in a position to offer buyers the opportunity to obtain information and assist them with the purchase of an Authentic Katahdin Cedar Log Home. For the Qualified Buyer who doesn't like what is out there on the market we offer the services of our own in - house builder with a kick-butt architecht available to Create Their Own Dream Custom Home here in the Poconos! If you are a consumer who is looking to book a vacation in the Lush Pocono Mountains you can Browse our Inventory of Rental Properties Right Here! Finally though for the savvy Pocono Home Browser you can still Search The Pocono MLS Yourself for Free From Scratch and Even Receive a Free Listing Alert Service which arranges for listings to be delivered right to your inbox based on search parameters YOU pick out.
Whatever you need Mr. or Mrs. Pocono Buyer or Seller we have the tools to assist you! Please feel free to check out ALL of Our Helpful Sites.

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