Monday, June 8, 2009

Pocono Mountain Specialty Properties - Lakefront, Gameland etc...

Owning a home in the Poconos for some is a Dream Come True. With so much outdoor activity at your doorstep you just can't find better value for your home spending dollars. As of this writing there are currently 3,898 homes on the market in the Pocono Mountain MLS! Of those nearly 4,000 homes only 92 are Lakefront and 55 are Gameland Bordering Properties. This is a very small percentage of the total and therefore is the reason for their higher property values. Uniqueness in real estate ranks right up there with "location, location ,location". God is not making anymore Water or Gamelands. The properties that border these unique settings are therefore pulling in the higher dollars. Fret not though as there have been a few here and there popping up under current market value so the idea for an interested buyer is to be READY when the deal comes up. This means talk to your lender!! Get yourself pre-approvaed for a mortgage so you KNOW going in that you can make it happen! You might consider partnering up with an experienced Realtor such as myself. Someone who keeps an eye on the goings on of the market not just daily but hourly!
Check out the Lakefront and Gameland Properties By Clicking Right Here! The link will take you to my newest site and right there smack dab on the home page are the links for "Lakefront" and "Gameland" properties. ENJOY!

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