Friday, September 16, 2011

Someone's Got a Good Fire Going!

September in the Pocono Mountains is when the leaves start changing, the weather starts changing, and all the Poconoans start cleaning out their fire places. Fall is beautiful in the Poconos because of its landscapes of never ending mountains with the leaves changing more and more everyday. Cool Pocono air and a good fire going is perfection that can not be matched. Poconoans start stocking up on their firewood preparing for the long awaited change of weather and scenery after a long hot Summer. There are hundreds of homes for sale in the Poconos today! Check out our website for more information!





Communities with listings!!!!

Arrowhead Lakes                                                     

Locust Lake Village

Riverside Estates


To complete the perfect picture for your fall fire wood Pocono experience, check out our very affordable and snuggy comftorable log cabin homes for sale!







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