Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall foliage in the Poconos - A Leaf Peepers Paradise!

Northern: (Northern Pike and Wayne Counties) In this location, there is some change in color, and leaves are beginning to fall. White ash trees, which are expected to change their color fairly early in the season, have started to lose their leaves. The projected date for peak color is October 8.

Central: (Southern Wayne and Pike and Northern Monroe Counties) This region is only showing minor color change but expect the red maple trees, in wet areas, to be the first to change. Full color is at 1%. The projected date for peak color is October 17.

Southern: (Southern Monroe and Carbon Counties) Although fall has only just begun, we are already seeing fall coloration in this area. Across the landscape, the forest is turning a range of green shades from species of oak trees, as well as a yellow from the leaves of the ash, aspen and birch trees. Look for the red maples changing to a brilliant red, as tulip trees will display warm yellows. Full color is currently less than 10%. October 12 is the projected date for peak color.


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