Friday, February 20, 2015

Learn About Wildlife In The Poconos

Check out some of our events here in the Pocono Mountains that will teach you about the environment and all of that nature that surrounds us. The different types of trees and flowers that grow here in the Poconos are endless. There is also an abundance of insects and animals such as whitetail deer, foxes, turtles, wild turkeys, black bear, and much more. 

Learn how to conserve water and minimize water pollution at the Kettle Creek Environmental Education Center in Stroudsburg with MCCD Watershed Specialist, Trish Attardo. Trish will provide a detailed explanation on the installation and features of a rain barrel and other practices which may be used around the home to better manage stormwater. This free workshop will conclude with the unveiling of 20 rain barrels, which have been beautifully painted by local artists. Refreshments will be provided. Get a first look at these functional works of art before they are installed for public display at local homes and businesses.

Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area is a major stop-over for tremendous numbers of Snow Geese. Their huge flocks in flight, sometimes create a blizzard of birds. Environmental Educator Brian Hardiman will lead this trip to observe this stunning spectacle of nature. The area's wetlands, fields, and woodlots also provide opportunities to see a host of waterfowl, raptors, and other bird species.

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