Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tattoo Convention At The Sherman Theater In Stroudsburg!

In downtown Stroudsburg there is the legendary Sherman Theater. It is located just downtown on Main Street which runs through the Pocono Mountain Town of Stroudsburg. The Sherman Theater is known to bring in some great music and bands, and they also have their very own Festivities including art shows, holiday festivities, and many other celebrations. On the weekend of January 25th, 2013 through January 27th, 2013, The Sherman Theater brings all the tattoo and piercing fans to The Rock N Ink Expo. The Sherman Theater Rock N Ink Expo presented by Inkwitch Tattoo is a three-day tattoo and piercing convention for the alternative minded and otherwise, piecing together multiple attractions fit into an entire weekend. Set to feature over two dozen tattoo artists and piercers as well as various vendors. Rock N Ink features some of the regions and the world’s finest artist as they tattoo and pierce people live each day. Each day will feature various events during the course of the expo. There will be live bands, tattoo contests, tattooed beauty pageant and more.









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