Monday, April 30, 2012

A Pocono Outdoor Challenge!

The Deleware Watergap is a great place to be when the sun is shining, and the river is flowing providing all the outdoor enthusiasts in the lovely Pocono Mountains a chance to test their endurance, experience the outdoors, and have a great time! This Pocono Challenge is for those who get their satisfaction and enjoyment from being out in nature, and putting all they have into their obstacle. Teams as well as individual competitors will certainly experience the Pocono Mountains at its purest form. The Pocono Challenge is a half day adventure race that will give experienced competitors the chance to enjoy mountain biking, canoeing, or jogging and treking with friends and family. This Pocono Event is not only for the most experienced, but it is also for those looking to just have a great time. Maps are provided. This race consists of a 14.5 mile mountain bike ride along the Mcdade Trail to begin with. The second part will be a 10 mile paddle down the Beautiful Deleware River. Equipment including Kayaks and Canoes will be provided for the competitors. Finally, the challenge ends with a 3 mile trek or jog ending at Smithfield Beach. The initial cost per person is 95$. For your money you get to experience the most down to earth and fun side of the Pocono Mountains! Also included is a Tshirt, Finisher Medal, The Use of Kayak or Canoe, Paddle, and Personal Flotation Device. Lunch will be provided by the chefs from The Shawnee Inn!





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