Sunday, April 12, 2009

Just a note to all tea party Patriots, this is a great forum to start with and even though it has support from republicans and Fox News let me just sya we should use this forum as a launching pad for REAL CHANGE. I'm not talking about the garbage the present day republican leaders represent either. We need to get back to basics! Remember K.I.S.S., Keep it simple stupid!!!!! Neither democrats or republicans practice that and who suffers????? We elect these fools time after time who serve horridly for 4 years, some longer and some shorter, and end up with full health benefits and pensions FOREVER!!! Are you kidding me?????????? We have elderly americans choosing between Eating and Medications while these pompus Fools reap benefits they themselves create. The WHOLE thign is BULLSHIT and they all must GO!!!Let's find an honest and ehtical candidate to serve without the fear of taking kickbacks or being bought by big businesses.I mwould run myself but the only thing I can offer is honesty and sincerity and I am sure the politcally correct would NOT like me because I would do what makes sense and what is best for ALL not just a handful of friends!!! Let's find someone and catapult him, better yet let's find a small army of candidates and elect them all and basically do away with democrats and republicans as they don't desreve the support anymore.

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