Monday, April 6, 2009

An Informational Blog or a bunch of listing posts - Which Would you Prefer?

In the town of Pocono Lake this site actually ranks Realtors according to how many Blogs they post. My question is "Would you, the reader want to read relevant information about your community or see what listings a real estate agent has sold recently or even what they have for sale currently?"
Seems to me that since You Can Always See EVERYTHING that is Currently on the Market in Arrowhead Lakes Just By Clicking Here, that you would like much more than that. Since Active Rain's ranking statistics don't differentiate from the art of a skillful blog and the art of 'copy and pasting', there will always be a ranking system that is deceiving to the Active Rain Consumer. In other words, being ranked #1 on Active Rain doesn't necessarily mean you are the top Blogger just that you are really great at 'copying and pasting' your listing activity to a Blog Spot and receiving credit for 10 second of work rather than a thoughtful and honest Bloggy Doooo!
I mean to be quite honest if it is Pocono Mountain Listings you are looking for you can even see ALL LAKEFRONT HOMES FOR SALE and even still ALL GAMELAND PROPERTIES FOR SALE simply by clicking the appropriate highlighted links!

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