Thursday, August 6, 2015

Fall Foliage In The Poconos

Fall Time in Northeastern Pennsylvania is a truly glorious time of year. Of course, the Poconos is a 4 season type of region offering many different varieties of family fun and fantastic views, but there is something about Fall Foliage in the Poconos that really brings out the best of the entire region. Every Pocono Town is completely surrounded by acres and acres of Trees, Forest like settings, Pa Gamelands, and the purest beauty mother nature has to offer. The leaves of these trees are changing into an almost rainbow variety of different colors, and they're falling all over the place like a Leaf Blizzard. The black bears of the Poconos are always on their way into hybernation during this time of year, but I've still seen a few in my past Autumn Seasons in the Poconos.

Whether it be a horseback ride, a train ride through the region, a haunted hayride, or a simple hike or mountain bike ride with your camera ready to snap, the Pocono Mountains during Fall Foliage is the place you truly want to be. There are many many scenic driving routes throughout the Poconos. Perfect season and Perfect region for a nice long drive of beauty. There are craft festivals, beer festivals, pumpkin patches, haunted houses, hot air balloons, and most of all a fantastic peak of Fall Foliage Beauty throughout the Pocono Mountains. Come join us in the Poconos this Fall Season, and see for yourself!

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