Monday, July 6, 2015

Three Pocono Communities. Surrounded By Pocono Gamelands

 Here in the Poconos we are surrounded by wildlife and forests. It is truly a nature lovers paradise. There is also room for the hunters making it a hunter's paradise also.The entire region includes a vast range of different Pa Gamelands or Pa State Forests, some of which have homes bordering them or backing right up to them. Even many of the Pocono Communities themselves back right up to Gamelands. Check out a few of our Communities that are surrounded by The Gamelands.

Arrowhead Lakes - This Community backs up to State Gamelands and you can frequently see deer, foxes, and black bear roaming through the woods and sometimes the roads of Arrowhead. They mind their business so there is no need to be alarmed, but certainly get your cameras ready. 

Holiday Pocono - This is a much smaller gated community, but it is completely surrounded by Pa State Gamelands. Holiday Pocono is another area that is full of wildlife that roam freely. 

Thornhurst Estates - Thornhurst Estates is a community located in the tiny town of Thornhurst Pa. Not only is this community surrounded by Gamelands, the entire town is surrounded by The Lackawanna State Forest. TONS of wildlife roam through Thornhurst all year round. 

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