Friday, March 13, 2015

Hike The Lehigh Gorge Park

The weather is already starting to break here in the Pocono Mountains. That can only mean one thing. Spring is slowly but surely making its way to the Mountain. That opens up a number of fun things to do here in the Poconos. Take a hike down one of our famous parks The Lehigh Gorge. 

The Lehigh Gorge State Park awaits all of the Pocono Mountain Travellers. This park goes a little unnoticed in the Poconos. Located in White Haven Pa, you may find yourself hiking or biking through the trails and stumble upon all kinds of wildlife and natural beauty. There is so much to see if you are one of those Earthy Outdoor Enthusiasts. The Pocono Mountains and The Lehigh Gorge State Park is the place for you to be.

There is Spectacular Scenery all across the Gorge. Bring your cameras to snap a picture of pure beauty on these trails! You will find yourself running out of film ( Old School) or Batteries (More Modern). The Lehigh Gorge is a place to take family, friends, or to venture off on your own personal adventure through the 20+ mile crushed stone multi use trail that is available for hiking oppurtunities. Follow the Lehigh River down the rocky riverside.

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