Friday, November 18, 2011

Riverside Estates Welcomes Hunter and Fishers!

Riverside Estates is a non-profit Residential Community in Pocono Lake, PA with community preserved land along the Lehigh River. There are 129 lots in the Riverside Estates Community, ranging in size from 1+acre to 7 acres, each lot being a minimum size of one acre for home building. We are a private Community, structured in accordance with the Planned Communities Act of Pennsylvania, and we are internally responsible for the maintenance of our roads and recreation area, as well as compliance with any/all By-Laws, Rules and Regulations, and Covenants and Restrictions pertaining to ownership of lots and/or homes within the boundaries of Riverside Estates. The owner(s) of each lot is/are responsible for payment of annual dues to the Community for each lot owned, as well as payment of County and Township taxes on each of those lots, and any necessary assessments as may be determined by the Board of Directors to address emergencies or improvements to the Community at large. Ownership of each lot entitles the owner(s) to one vote in elections and for ratification of budget items and dues. Enjoy Fishing Alongside The Lehigh River which always has Fish ready to bite! Lackawanna State Forest which if Flooding with Whitetain Deer and Black Bear is only minutes Away!




Being so Close to the Lackawanna State Forest, PA State Gamelands, and the Lehigh River, Riverside Estates is a Hunter and Fisher Paradise!

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